Big seas to the Istanbul Boat Show

IMG_4142We’ve just finished a high speed 390 nautical mile trip and have arrived in Istanbul for the boat show. The first day of the trip was a bit wild with Force 7 winds, gusting 8. That’s a big sea for a powerboat. All settled down on the second day and we arrived last night, a day early.

photo-23The sun is shining and all is bustle here on the pontoons with show stands still under construction, flower arrangements being delivered to yachts and showrooms, cleaners wiping and mopping and deckhands scrubbing and polishing.



The season is nearly over. Turkey has been amazing and being a galley girl on a powerboat has been a revelation.

Let me share with you again this video of an early evening trip home to our berth back in July. (I originally posted this in ‘The 5,000 HP Thrill Myth’, July Archives.) There have been ups and downs this summer, but despite my being a sailor at heart, there have been some special moments and I am almost won over to power boating.


4 thoughts on “Big seas to the Istanbul Boat Show

    1. Hi Amanda

      I’d like that too! I’ve sailed as far as Bergen in Norway but never got to Sweden. When I left that particular boat her Skipper and crew sailed back on to Sweden. Their photos looked great: I’d love to cruise that coastline one day.

      Thank you for commenting – it’s great to hear from people 🙂


  1. I hear the Gothenburg archipelago is particularly stunning. Great post, the video made me feel like I was David Niven, living the high life with a red ensign at my back. Beautiful.


    1. Hi there

      Yes, I’ve heard the same and I would love to sail there one day.

      The video is a bit wobbly – but then the sea does that…

      I love the David Niven reference. The red ensign is quite a sight, wherever you go on the water. I especially love it flying proudly at the stern of the tender – Skipper looks like James Bond whizzing about between the shore and the boat at 30 knots!

      It’s great to read comments on my posts and I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know what you thought.

      Now I’m going to your blog to see how preparations are going for your imminent emigration to Australia. Such an exciting adventure for all who are off to Canberra at 🙂


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