Goodbye Turkey, Until Next Year

IMG_4163Our flights are confirmed, our bags packed. The boat will be hauled out for a while now for repairs, and Skipper and I will be ready to head to the airport tomorrow morning.

Istanbul is being kind and providing us with torrential rain and dark skies to get us used to our visit to the UK. (Although I’m told it’s hotter than Cyprus in London today.)

It’s been a long and busy season for us, and we are looking forward to a couple of weeks off before starting our new adventures.

There are new challenges back in the Mediterranean over the winter, and one or two intriguing offers further away to consider. Last night we got talking to an Australian couple who shared stories about their beautiful classic wooden boat, and persuaded us that we really need to put Australia on our list of top places to sail.

Now, we could really do with a holiday…

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Turkey, Until Next Year

  1. Safe journey home and fascinated to hear what you are up to next – are you going to continue your blog? You should – it makes very interesting and fun reading.


    1. Hi Kath

      Thank you…

      I’m enjoying this amazing Indian Summer back in England while Skipper and I make plans for what is coming next. It looks like a return to the Mediterranean is likely soon, so yes, Galley Girl will be back!

      It’s great to read your comments. I’ve enjoyed writing about Galley Girl’s adventures in Turkey and it’s lovely to hear that you’ve enjoyed reading them. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you!

      It’s been fun writing about ‘Calamity’ Galley Girl’s season in Turkey. It looks more and more like a return to the Med is likely very soon, so a winter in the galley might be Galley Girl’s next challenge.

      I’ve also been reading your blog about moving to Australia with great interest. I see it’s not long to go for you now. Here’s best wishes to you all for a good trip out there and a great start to your new life out there. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Mark, and all on Cygnus 111

      Thank you for the encouragement – I enjoyed writing those tales – and you’re right, I should get back to it. Australia is coming up for December/January. Lots of itinerary planning for that trip going on back here in England for now.

      I also visited your blog today – in fact, I’m a follower now πŸ™‚

      Anybody wanting to read a well-written – and funny – blog about the trials of sailing around the world make sure you visit The photography is amazing too.

      Will be watching for your next post…

      Best wishes, Galley Girl

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