Bad Boat Names

IMG_0138Every time you call up a marina or another boat on the radio, the protocol is to announce your boat name at least twice, if not three times, for clarity. For example, a friend of mine, who named his boat ‘Blue’, would need to say: “Brixham Marina, Brixham Marina, this is Blue Blue Blue.”

He regularly caused consternation with his ‘Blue Blue Blue’ over the radio.  It sounded like he was sinking.

I’ve been looking around the marina and I’ve found some real beauties in bad boat names. Not with hidden consequences, like ‘Blue’, or incongruous, like ‘Flower’, but some truly dubious names for boats. Here are a few from my collection:



Ohhh. This is a fishing boat. I see what the owner’s done there. Yes, very clever.


This boat is an American flagged vessel, with English speaking owners one assumes, so there are no ‘lost in translation’ excuses. She is also shimmery brown and slightly sparkly.

Probably the Number One offender in my collection.








Why, why, why?

This little boat is really very pretty and deserves better.





IMG_0129 2Luckily the couple on board seem oblivious to the terrible pun.








IMG_0249 2

Not so much…








Lady Story


Wimmins’ Problems?











IMG_0384GIve any English schoolboy a marker pen and three letters of his choice from the alphabet.







‘k*ight life

IMG_0385Not such a bad name as much as the result of poor maintenance. And the pun is quite endearing.

Not sure what’s happened to the ‘n’.

Unlucky at the last jousting, maybe?

Or just a very late one and a bit the worse for wear?

(I really quite like this one though: is it the unassuming lower case and the youthful rakish angle of the dodgy ‘n’?)



IMG_0087A fast powerboat with an unlikely name…A bad pun?









…Or an elderly owner’s feisty response in a wild moment of defiance?








Lady Lilo


Looks like Lilo Lill’s made her way up in the world.

Mrs. Boswell would have something to say about that.

2 thoughts on “Bad Boat Names

  1. When I was doing my yachtmaster, I sailed on a boat called Puss Moth – try saying that when you are trying to call the water taxi, to take you back to your boat after a night in the pub!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kath

      This made me laugh! ‘Puss Moth’ would definitely make it into my gallery of names to be used with caution. I’m testing it out loud now – I can see how a water taxi driver might look you up and down with some suspicion 😉


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