Broken Bones


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It’s exactly a year ago yesterday since this bad boy was responsible for breaking my fingers.

Pretty Portovenere

Ok, I accept that some of the responsibility was my own for having my fingers in the wrong place at the wrong time, during a fast tack in strong gusts.

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Galley Girl: A Woman of the Sea

Under a Bodrum Moon

Bodrum Castle across the harbour
Bodrum Castle across the harbour

There are moments in a galley girl’s life when time stands still and she dreams of romance and glamour, of dashing pirates and swashbuckling captains, and the chivalry of old fashioned manners. Johnny Depp, of course, is responsible for a lot of that.

However, unlike Captain Jack Sparrow and his amoureuse, I don’t live on a galleon. This season the skipper and I are on a motor yacht – a big 70′ power boat – in Turkey. Despite the modern concept of a life afloat with the aid of 5,000 hp engines, last night I almost had one of those romance and glamour moments. Continue reading “Galley Girl: A Woman of the Sea”